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"... A guide to those who are great admirers of Thackeray, 
and are collecting first editions of his works. The dainty little 
volume, bound in parchment and printed on hand-made paper, 
is very concise and convenient in form. . . . Altogether it 
represents a large amount of labour and experience." — The 

" Those who remember with pain having seen the original 
yellow backs of Thackeray's works knocked to pieces and neg- 
lected years ago may be recommendrd to read Mr. C. P. John- 
son's ' Hints to Collectors.' " — The Saturday Review. 

"... Mr. Johnson has evidently done his work with so much 
loving care that we feel entire confidence in his statements. The 
prices that he has appended in every case form a valuable fea- 
ture of the volume, which has been produ..ed in a manner 
worthy of its subject matter." — The Academy. 







" He will march in the great company — with rare Ben 
Jonson, with glorious John Dr)'den, with kind IMcIiere, 
and patient Cervantes, with noble Walter Scott, with 
gentle William Thackeray — all great humorists, all great 
masters of pathos, all good and honest men." — Charles 
Dickens, by Geo7-ge Augtistiis Sala, p. 99. 



Only five hundred and fifty copies printed, fifty of 
which are on large paper. 



AT OT only in Great Britain, America, Australia, India, the 
-^ ^ other Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain and all 
parts of the world in which the English language is read ; not 
only in countries where foreign languages are read ;^ but (thanks 
to the author's thoughtful generosity-) even among the blind 
who can as a rule read no language at all, the works of Charles 
Dickens are read, and being read, are loved. 

Probably no author of our time has had so large and so miscel- 
laneous a public, and no author has better deserved his success. 
Dickens's books were written adoui the people, and /or the 
people, and are consequently read dj the people. 

As there are many readers of Dickens's works, so there are 
many collectors of them in original editions. The causes of the 
popularity of Dickens's books among collectors are not difficult 
to trace ; everj-body can understand and appreciate them, they are 
illustrated by the greatest masters of the art of book-illustrating, 
and, finally, there are numerous subtle differences between the 
various editions, and even between various states of the plates 
in the same editions. It is these very differences that add so 
much zest and excitement to a collector's pursuit, and, at the 
same time, render a trustworthy guide absolutely necessary, 

' The British Museum Catalogue contains translations of Dickens's 
works in twelve foreign languages. 

* See Dolby's "Charles Dickens as I knew Him," pp. 299-300, 
where the production of "The Old Curiosity Shop," in raised type, is 



Many volumes have been published on the subject of Dickens's 
books. The most useful of these are, perhaps, Mr. Shepherd's 
" bibliography," Mr. D. C. Thomson's " Life of Phiz," and 
Mr. Dexter's chapter of " Hints to Dickens Collectors," in the 
" Dickens Memento." I know, however, of no volume that 
will enable a collector, or dealer, to tell, at a glance, whether any 
particular volume offered to him is of the genuine, first edition 
throughout, with the plates in the first state. This has been 
my object in preparing these " Hints to Collectors." For more 
detailed and special information, beyond the scope of this little 
book, I must refer the collector to the books mentioned above. 

I would caution all collectors against the numerous dishonest 
tricks that have been resorted to, for the purpose of deceiving 
them as to the genuineness of some of Dickens's books. The 
great demand for, and consequent rarity of, many of his works, 
have made it worth while to use chemicals for the purpose of 
erasing the words " Second Edition " from title-pages, and to 
reprint title-pages, and even whole volumes, mfacsi7nile. These 
facsimile reprints of rare volumes, though harmless in them- 
selves, and even desirable when properly used, have often been 
the means of deceiving unwary collectors. 

I must explain that I have adopted the same rule as in my 
" Hints to Collectors of Original Editions of the Works of Wm. 
Makepeace Thackeray," and have referred only to the first 
collected form of Dickens's writings, omitting all scattered 
papers, so as to avoid encumbering the collector's shelves with 
large volumes, for the sake of such papers. I have, however, 
admitted such works as "The Pic Nic Papers," "Memoirs of 
Grimaldi," and others, edited by Dickens, as most collectors 
desire to have these. 

My general plan has been to compare with the greatest 
care several copies of every work (with the exception of No. 
XXVI.) ; to collate them ; to note the smallest variations in 


title-pages, or phites ; and to put the information thus gained in 
a compact and intelligible form. I have given, in each case, an 
exact copy of the title-page, a full collation of pages and 
illustrations, notes of differences in editions and states of 
plates, and other matters to be attended to by collectors, and 
finally the market value of the book. I must explain that I have 
added this last particular to give the collector some idea of the 
price he may expect to have to pay for a clean, uncut co^^y of the 
book. If he is satisfied with the same book, in the ordinary 
bound, or half-bound, condition, with margins, more or less, 
clipped, he should get it at a price from twenty-five to fifty /Jtv 
cent. less. For copies in fine bindings he will have to pay even 
larger prices. 

The reader will find not only all the information as to 
Dickens's works, hitherto known to collectors, in a compact and 
easily accessible form, but also notes as to variations in editions 
and other peculiarities that have till now been unpublished, 
if not unknown ; a list of dramatized versions of some of the 
stories, and notes on more than seventy engraved portraits of 
Dickens. An interesting, unique copy of the " The Chimes'' is 
also described, and the long list of Dlckcnsiana, already known 
to collectors, is swelled by a hitherto unknown item. 

A few general hints may be of use to young collectors. If 
you have a book with uncut edges and are sending it to be bound, 
keep the margins intact and have only the top edges gilt. If 
you have a book, issued in parts or otherwise, with an illustration 
on the cover, bind the cover in and thus preserve the illustration. 
Do not necessarily refuse a rare book because it is soiled, if 
perfect and not torn a good binder can clean it and make it into 
a fair copy. Don't go to auction rooms, and bid yourself, in the 
expectation of getting a bargain ; you won't succeed ! Dealers 
will be there, who know the market value of Dickens's books, 
and of other books too, better than you will ever know it, and 


will take care that, if a book " goes cheap," it does not go to you. 
If you see that a book, which you want badly and cannot get 
elsewhere, is to be sold at auction, ask your bookseller to buy 
it for you ; he will only charge you ten per cent, on the price, 
will take care it is perfect, and will not give more than its fair 
v^alue, unless you insist on it. Go to a bookseller of position and 
ability ; an ignorant bookseller is worse than a dishonest one, 
as the former, in ignorance, buys and sells pseudo first editions 
that the latter would not dare to deal in. Give your bookseller 
a list of your wants, and he will sell you genuine books at a fair 
profit. They will certainly be better worth what you pay for them 
than your " bargains" in the auction rooms. 

I have to acknowledge the valuable assistance I have received 
from my friend, Mr. Loftus S. Long, in verifying title-pages and, 
generally, in researches at the South Kensington, and British, 

In conclusion, I trust that these notes will prove useful to all 
collectors, experienced and inexperienced ; that they may afford 
to the experienced collector, who has a complete set of Dickens's 
works, the pleasure of verifying the genuineness of his books, 
and may save the inexperienced collector the chagrin and dis- 
appointment that result from his being " taken in." I hope, at 
the same time, that the better class of second-hand booksellers, 
who so ably and cheerfully minister to the wants of collectors, 
may find that the issue of these notes will not only increase an 
intelligent demand for genuine first editions, but will also serve 
to protect their unwary customers from the ignorance, or dis- 
honesty, of the less learned or less scrupulous members of the 

nth February, 1885, 

(1836— 1882.) 

[Note. — Capital letters are used to indicate the most prominent words 

on the title-pages.^ 

I. Title. Sketches by "Boz,7 illustrative of/ Every-Day 
Life,/ and/ EvERY-D AY People./ in two Volumes./ Vol.1./ 
(Vol. II.) ILLUSTRATIONS BY George Cruikshank./ London :/ 
John Macrone, St. James's Square./ mdcccxxxvi. 

Collation. Vol. I.,pp. viii-348, with eight illustrations. Vol. II., 
one unnumbered page of contents, pp. 342, wit^ eight illustra- 

Notes.- Published in dark green cloth. The first edition has a preface 
dated "February, 1836." It is so rare that later editions are often 
made up and sold as first editions. Care should be taken to see that 
the pages correspond exactly with those enumerated above. 

Price. £\o to ^12. 

Title. Sketches by Boz :/ illustrative of Every-Day 
Life,/ and Every-Day People./ The second series./ Com- 
plete in one Volume./ London :/ John Macrone, St. 
James's Square./ mdcccxxxvii. 

Collation, pp. viii-377, with ten illustrations. 

Notes. The first edition was published in pink cloth. It contained 
ten ilhistrations only. A later edition contains two more illustrations, 
called "The Last Cabdriver " and "May-day in the Evening." It is 
desirable to obtain these two plates, though issued later, to render the 
first edition complete. 

Price. ^3 to ^^4. 


I. {continued) — 

Title. Sketches by Boz/ illustrative of/ Every-day Life 
AND Every-day People./ With Forty illustrations/ by 
George Cruikshank./ New Edition, Complete./ London :/ 
Chapman and Hall, i86, Strand./ 1839. 

Collation, pp. viii-526, with forty illustrations, including the 
illustrated title-page. 

Notes. This edition was issued in numbers, in pink wrappers, and in 
this state it is exceedingly scarce. The plates formerly used were re- 
etched, with the exception of one, "The Free and Easy," which was 
suppressed, and thirteen new plates were etched. The first issue of 
this edition, in uncut slate, is scarce, and much "making up " has been 
resorted to. The collector should carefully inspect the plates throughout 
to see that they are all on the same paper and good impressions. lie 
should also see that every plate from that at p. 121, "Greenwich Fair," 
to the end, has at the bottom the names of the publishers. If their 
names are not present in these later plates, either they have been cut 

off in binding, or the plates are not of the first issue. 
Price. In numbers, £\'^. In cloth, uncut, £2> to £\o. 


II. Title. Sunday/ Under three Heads./ {Woodcut)! as it 
is;/ {Woodcut)! as Sabbath bills would make it;/ {Woodcut)! 
as it might be made./ By Timothy Sparks./ London :/ 
Chapman and Hall, i86, Strand./ 1836. 

Collation, pp. v-49, with three illustrations and illustrated 

Notes. This is one of tlie scarcest of Dickens's books. There are 
two modern reprints, which can with care be distinguished from the 
original. The first reprint, issued by Mr. Jarvis, was reproduced by 
some " process," and the plates are blurred and indistinct ; the second, 
issued in Manchester, has some misprints in the text, but the plates were 
engraved on wood, and are very fair reproductions of the originals. 

Some copies of the original have the date erased, probably by some 
dealer, who bought up the remaining copies and hoped to sell them as 
a new publication. 

Price. ^8 to ^10. 


III. Title. The/ VILLAGE COQUETTES:/ A Comic Opera./ 
In two Acts./ By Charles Dickens./ The Music by John 
Hullah./ London :/ Richard Bentley,/ New Burlington Street./ 

Collation, pp. 71. 

Title. Songs,/ Choruses, and Concerted Pieces,/ in/ The 
Operatic Burletta/ of/ The Village Coquettes./ as pro- 
duced at/ The St. James' Theatre./ The Drama and 
Words of the Songs/ By "Boz."/ The Music by John 
Hullah./ The Music is Published by Messrs. Cramer and Co.,/ 
201, Regent Street./ Printed by Bradbury and Evans, White- 
friars./ 1837. [Price Tenpencej 

Collation, pp. 16. 

Notes. The Opera has been reprinted 'vs\ facsimile . The reprint bears, 
however, on the back of the title-page, the words, "■ h. facsimile re- 
print." and cannot therefore be mistaken for the original. 

The original Opera, and the Songs, cSic, quoted above, are both 
very scarce. 

Price. Original Opera, ^10 to ^12, Reprint, -^s. Songs, 

&c., £s- 


IV. Title. The/ Strange Gentleman;/ a comic Burletta,/ 
In two Kci^.l BY "B0Z.7 First performed/ at/ The St. 
James's Thea,tre,/ on/ Thursday, September 29, 1836./ Lon- 
don :/ Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand./ MDCCCXXXvn. 

Collation. One unnumbered page, " Costume," and pp. 46, 
with frontispiece by " Phiz." 

Notes. One of the scarcest of Dickens's works, especially with the 
frontispiece. It has been reprinted, but without the frontispiece, and 
with many misprints, Mr. Paihhorpe has etched a frontispiece for the 

Price. For the original, with frontispiece, from ;^I5 to ^20. 
Without frontispiece, £fi to ^10. Reprint, ts. 


V. Title. The/ Posthumous Papers/ of/ The Pickv/ick 
Club./ By Charles Dickens./ with/ Forty-three ilkistrations, 
by R. Seymour and/ Phiz./ London:/ Chapman and Hall, i86, 
Strand./ mdcccxxxvii. 

Collaiio7i. pp. xiv, two unnumbered pages of Directions to the 
Binder and errata, pp. 609. 

Notes. Published in twenty numbers, in green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. A volume, as large as this, might be written on 
" Pickwick " alone. The collector need only be told what forms such a 
complete, first edition as can now be obtained. It should have seven 
plates by Seymour, thirty-six plates by " Phiz," and twn plates by Buss. 
The last two, the "Cricket Match," and "Arbour Scene," are not 
essential, as they were so bad that they were suppressed, and two others, 
"The Influence of the Salmon," and another "Arbour Scene," by 
Phiz, were substituted. .The collector should see that all these plates 
are good impressions, and that they have no letterpress descriptions 
under them. He should also see that the plates by Buss are original 
impressions, as they have been republished in so-c^iWcd facsimile. The 
republished plates were first issued on India paper only, in which form 
they could deceive nobody, but I have since seen copies on ordinary 
paper. The most cursory comparison of an original with one of these 
impressions will, however, enable anybody to distinguish between them. 
It is also desirable to have the four notices issued with Numbers 2, 3, 
10 and 15 respectively. 

Price. £10 to £1^, for such a copy as I have described. 


VL Title. Oliver Twist ;/ or, the/ Parish Boy's pro- 
gress./ By "Boz.'V In three Volumes./ Vol. 1./ (Vol. 11.)/ 
(Vol. in.)/ London:/ Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street./ 

Collatioti. Vol. 1. One unnumbered page of List of Illustra- 
tions, pp. 33 f, with nine illustrations. Vol. II., pp. 307, with 
seven illustrations. Vol. III., pp. 315, with eight illustrations. 

Notes. The first two volumes were originally issued in " Bentley 's Mis- 
cellany." The three volumes were then published before the completion 
of the third volume in the "Miscellany." The last plate, "Rose 
Maylie and OHver," showing four figures in a room in front of a fire- 
place, commonly called the " Fireside Plate," was cancelled, and 
another plate, bearing the .same title, and representing Rose Maylie and 
Oliver in front of the tomb of Oliver's mother, was substituted. This 
second plate appeared in " Bentley's Miscellany" and in all but the 
earliest copies of the book. Care must be taken to see that the title- 
pages read as above. A second edition bearing the same date, but 
with a title-page reading as follows: "Oliver Twist, by Charles 
Dickens," was published, and often passes as a first edition. 

Price. With the cancelled plate, £b to ^7. With the substi- 
tuted plate, ^4 to £5. 

Title. The/ Adventures/ of/ Oliver Twist ;/ or,/ The Parish 
Boy's Progress./ By/ Charles Dickens./ With twenty-four 
illustrations on Steel, by/ George Cruikshank./ A new Edition, 
Revised and corrected./ London :/ Published for the Author,/ 
By Bradbury & Evans, Whitefriars./ MDCCCXLVI, 

Collation, pp. xii-311. 

Notes. The first octavo edition, issued in ten numbers, with a green 
wrapper by George Cruikshank, representing scenes, some of which are 
not included in the original illustrations. The wrapper should be pre- 
served. The plates were touched up, and I think some of them must 
have been re-etched, as the variations from those in the three volume 
edition are considerable. 

Price. £6 to ^8, in numbers. ^3 to £^\, in cloth. 


VII. Title. Sketches/ of/ Young Gentlemen./ Dedicated 
to the Young Ladies./ With six illustrations/ by/ " Phiz."/ 
London :/ Chapman and Hall, i86, Strand./ MDCCCXXXVIII. 

Collation, pp. viii-76, with six illustrations and an illustrated 

Note. The cover should be preserved, also the advertisements at the 

Price. £2 to £1. 

VIII. Title. Memoirs/ of/ Joseph Grimaldi./ Edited by/ 
" B0Z.7 With illustrations by George Cruikshank./ In Two 
Volumes./ Vol. I./ (Vol. 11.)/ London:/ Richard Bentley, 
New Burlington Street./ 1838. 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. xix, one unnumbered page " Embellish- 
ments," and pp. 288, with a portrait of Grimaldi and six other 
illustrations. Vol. II., pp. ix-263, with six illustrations. 

Notes, The first issue was in pink cloth. Another issue, with the 
same title-page, was bound in very dark cloth. In this issue the final 
plate, "The Last Song," has round it a border representing panto- 
mimic characters. It is, if anything, rarer in this state than without 
the border. 

Price. £6 to £S. 


IX. Title. The/ Life and Adventures/ of/ Nicholas 
NiCKLEBV./ By Charles Dickens./ With illustrations by I'hiz./ 
London:/ Chapman arid Hall, 186, Strand./ MDCCCXXXix. 

Collation, pp. xvi-624, with a portrait of Dickens and thirty- 
nine illustrations. 

Notes. Issued in twenty numbers in gieen wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. In the first edition the plates, up to and inclusive 
of that opposite p. 45, bear the publishers' names. 

Price. £2 los. to ^3. 

X. Title. 1:\\qI Loving Ballad/ of/ Lord Bateman./ illus- 
trated by/ George Cruikshank./ London :/ Charles Tilt, Fleet 
Street ;/ and Mustapha Syried, Constantinople./ mdcccxxxix. 

Collatiofi. pp. 40, with eleven illustrations and a page of 
music, and green cloth cover with an illustration by Georpre 
Cruikshank stamped on it in gold. 

Notes. The notes and preface were written by Dickens. Tlie first 
edition has the numbers of the pages in the middle, not in the corner, 
as in later issues. In the edition of 185 1 the trees in the seventh, and 
the hills in the ninth, plate had been shaded, and the plates otherwise 
touched up. The cover should be preserved. 

Price. £4, to ^5. 


XI. Title. Sketches/ of/ Young Couples ;/ with an/ urgent 
remonstrance to the Gentlemen of England (being bachelors 
or Widowers),/ on the present alarming crisis./ by/ the Author 
of " Sketches of young Gentlemen."/ with sLx illustrations/ by/ 
" Phiz.7 London :/ Chapman and Hall, i86, Strand./ MDCCCXL. 

Collation, pp. 92, with six illustrations, and an illustrated 


Notes. The cover should be preserved. Also the advertisements at 
the end, which include an announcement of " Master Humphrey's 

Fricc. Iz to i^. 

XII. Title. Master Humphrey's Clock./ By Charles 
Dickens./ With Illustrations/ By/ George Cattermole and 
Hablot Browne./ Vol I./ (Vol. 11./ Vol. III./) London :/ Chap- 
man and Hall, 186, Strand./ mdcccxl. 

Vols. II. and III. are dated mdccCXLL 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. iv-306. 
Vol. II., pp. vi-306. 
Vol III., pp. vi-426. 

Notes. Issued in eighty-eight weekly numbers, with white, and in 
twenty monthly numbers, Avith green illustrated wrappers. A copy of 
each wrapper should be preserved. In numbers 9, 80, 81, 82, 83 and 
87 will be found addresses by the author. 

Price. £2 to ^4- 


Xin. Title. The/ Pic Nic Papers./ by various hands./ 
Edited by/ Charles Dickens, Esq./ Author of/ " The Pick- 
wick Papers," " Nicholas Nickleby," &c./ with illustrations by 
George Cruikshank, Phiz, &c./ in three volumes./ Vol. I./ (Vol. 
n.)/ (Vol. III.)/ London:/ Henry Colbum, Publisher,/ Great 
Marlborough Street./ mdcccxli. 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. vi, one unnumbered page of illustrations, 
and pp. 323, with four illustrations. 

Vol. II., one unnumbered page of contents, pp. 298, with four 

Vol. III., pp. 378, with six illustrations. 

Note. The first stoiy was written, the rest of the book edited, by 

Price. £s to £6. 


XIV. Title. American Notes/ for/ General circulation./ By 
Charles Dickens./ In Two Volumes./ Vol. I./ (Vol. 11.)/ 
London :/ Chapman and Hall, i86, Strand./ mdcccxlii. 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. xvi, one unnumbered page, Going 
Away./ and the passage out./ and pp. 308. 
Vol. II., pp. vii-306. 

Notes. In the earliest copies of Vol. I., the preliminary pages, though 
only eight in number, are paged up to sixteen. This was corrected 
later, and many copies of the first edition will, consequently, be found 
with the preliminary pages numbered up to eight only. A reference to 
" The Life of Charles Dickens," by John Forster, vol. ii., p. 13, et scq., 
will explain the original error, as it seems probable, though Mr. 
Forster does not say so, that the introductoiy chapter had been printed 
before it was decided to suppress it, and the pagination of tlie earliest 
copies was not altered. 

Price. £2 to £2 ioj:. 


XV. Title. A Christmas Carol./ in Prose./ being/ A 

illustrations by John Leech./ London :/ Chapman & Hall, 
186, Strand./ MDCCCXLIII. 

Collation. Two unnumbered pages, preface, and contents, 
and pp. 166, with four full-page coloured illustrations. 

Notes. The first issue was in brown cloth, with gilt edges. The 
earliest copies have green end papers, and on p. r is "Stave L", the 
later copies having " Stave One," to match with the headings to the 
later chapters. 

Much discussion has been caused by the existence of some copies 
having the date of 1844, with no acknowledgment on the title-page as 
to edition, and with the parts of the title-page that are usually printed 
blue, printed green. The question is, "Is this a first edition?" I 
think that, though it is dated 1844, and there were several editions in 

1843, it is a first edition as much as, but no more than, the red and blue 
edition. My reason for saying so, is that all the red and green copies 
I have seen have " Stave I." on the first page. My theory is that some 
red and blue copies, dated 1843, and some red and green copies, dated 

1844, were printed to enable the author to see which looked best, the 
red and blue copies were preferred, and the others were consequently 
not issued in any considerable number. 

I am convinced that the red and blue copies are genuine first editions, 
because I have in my possession a red and blue copy absolutely uncut, 
having "Stave I." on p. i, and being, I believe, the very first copy 
printed and sent to the binder for his guidance. 

Price. £,\ to £6. 


XVI. Title. Evenings/ of/ a working man,/ being the 
occupation of/ His scanty leisure :/ by JOHN Overs./ with a 
preface relative to the Author,/ by Charles Dickens./ Lon- 
don :/ T. C. Newby, 72, Mortimer Street,/ Cavendish Square./ 

Collation, pp. xiii, one unnumbered page of contents, and 
pp. 205. 

Note. Issued in tirown cloth, with gilt edges. 

Price. £2. 

XVII. Title. The/ Life and Adventures/ of/ Martin 
Chuzzlewit./ By Charles Dickens./ with illustrations by 
Phiz./ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand./ mdcccxliv. 

Collation, pp;' xiv, one unnumbered page of Errata, and pp. 
624, with forty illustrations, including the illustrated title-page. 

Notes. Published in twenty numbers in green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. A curious mistake was made in one of the plates 
etched for the illustrated title-page, the amount of the reward offered 
by the notice on the signpost being pi^inted as loO;^. This was altered 
in the other plates to £\oo. Copies with the mistake are scarce, and 
consequently more valuable than the others. 

Price. £1 to ^5- 


XVIIL Title. The Chimes :/ a Goblin Story/ of/ some bells 
that rang an old year out/ and a new year in./ by Charles 
Dickens./ London:/ Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand./ 

Collation. One unnumbered page of illustrations, and pp. 175, 
with two full-page illustrations. 

Notes. Issued in red cloth covers, which should be preserved. The 
ilkistrated title-page in the first issue has the publishers' names etched 
on the plate. In the later issue their names are printed below the plate. 

I cannot refrain from noticing here a most interesting copy of "The 
Chimes " in a friend's collection. He bought it in a set of the Christmas 
Books, and found to his annoyance that it was imperfect, many of the 
woodcuts not having been printed in the spaces left for them. He 
showed it to me, and I found that the lower part of the woodcut on p. 
125 differed from that in the published book. Leech had misunderstood 
his author, as in the "Battle of Life," but had been foinid out in 
time. Instead of drawing Richard "with matted hair," he had drawn 
a dissipated " Trotty Veck," with hat, apron and all, which was not 
what Dickens intended. This is probably the only impression of this 
woodcut in existence. 

Price. £\ los. with the illustrated title in the first state. \^s. 
to 20s. in the second state. 


XIX. Title. The/ Cricket on the Hearth./ A/ Fair)' tale 
of Home./ by/ Charles Dickens./ London :/ printed and pub- 
lished for the Author,/ by Bradbury and Evans, 90, Fleet Street./ 
and Whitefriars./ mdcccxlvi. 

Collation. Two unnumbered pages of Dedication and Illus- 
trations, and pp. 174, with two full-page illustrations. 

Note. Issued in red cloth covers, which should be preserved. 

Price. \^s. 

XX. Title. Pictures from Italy./ by/ Charles Dickens./ 
The Vignette illustrations on Wood, by Samuel Palmer./ {Wood- 
cut.)! The Street of the Tombs : Pompeii./ London :/ Pub- 
lished for the Author,/ by Bradbury & Evans, Whitefriars./ 

Collation. One unnumbered page of contents, and pp. 270. 

Azotes. Issued in dark blue cloth. This book, owing to some defect 
in the paper, is almost always found with the edges discoloured. 

Price, ijjr. to £i ^s. 


XXL Title. The/ Battle of Life./ A Love Story./ by/ 
Charles Dickens / London :/ Bradbury(S: Evans, Whitefriars./ 

Collation. Two unnumbered pages of Dedication and Illustra- 
tions, and pp. 175, with two full-page illustrations. 

Notes. Issued in red cloth covers, which should be preserved. I 
suppose nobody has ever seen a second edition of this book. The 
title-page is always the same. There were however three issues, which 
can be distinguished by the illustrated title. The first issue has " A 
Love Story " printed in a simple scroll, and underneath is printed : 
London :/ Published by Bradbury & Evans, Whitefriars./ 1846. The 
second issue, which is far the scarcest, has "A Love Story," borne by 
a cherub, and underneath is printed, London : Bradbury & Evans, 
Whitefriars. The third issue is quite common, and is similar to the 
last, but bears no publisher's name on the illustrated title. 

Price. For first or second issues, £,2. For third issue, \os. 


XXII. Title. DoMBEV AND Son./ by/ Charles Dickens./ 
With Illustrations by H. K. Browne./ London:/ Bradbury and 
Evans, ii, Bouverie Street./ 1848. 

Collation, pp. xvi, one Unnumbered page of errata, and pp. 
624, with forty illustrations, including the illustrated title-page. 

Notes. Published in twenty numbers, in green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. The collector must look carefully at the impres- 
sions of the plates, as some of them are very poor. As Mr, Thomson 
points out in his " Life of Phiz," if the plate at p. 547, " On the dark 
Road," is in good state, the other plates are likely to be good also. 

Price. £2 to £2,. 

XXIII. Title. The Haunted Man/ and/ the Ghost's 
bargain./ a fancy for Christmas time./ by/ Charles Dickens. 
London:/ Bradbury & Evans, 11, Bouverie Street./ 1848. 

Collation. One unnumbered page of illustrations, and pp. 1 88, 
with two full-page illustrations. 

, Note. Issued in red cloth covers, which should be preserved. 

Price, los. to 15^. 


XXIV. Title. The Personal History/ of/ David COPPERFIELD./ 
by Charles Dickens./ with illustrations by H. K. Browne./ 
London :/ Bradbury «& Evans, ii, Bouverie Street./ 1850. 

Collation, pp. xiv-624, and one unnumbered page of errata, 
with forty illustrations, including the illustrated title-page. 

Notes. Published in twenty numbers, in green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. In the first edition the illustrated title-page 
bears the date, 1850, which is absent from later editions of the same 

Price. £z to £A- 

XXV. Title. Christmas Numbers. 

There were nine Christmas numbers of " Household Words " 
from 1850 to 1858, inclusive. 

There were also nine Christmas numbers of "All the Year 
Round" from 1859 to 1867, inclusive. 

Note. These should be obtained in parts, as issued, in which form they 
are very scarce. 

Price. £1 to ^4. 


XXVI. Title. Mr. Nightingale's Dl\ry :/ A Farce./ 
In one Act./ by/ {This is left blank) London :/ 185 1. 

Collation. One unnumbered page of Dramatis Personcr, and 
pp. 26. 

Title. Mr. Nightingale's Diary :/ A farce/ in one Act./ by 
Charles Dickens./ Boston :/ James R. Osgood and Com- 
pany,/ late Ticknor Or' Fields, and Fields, Osgood, <2r^ Co.\ 1877. 

Collation, pp. 96. 

Notes. The first edition was privately printed, and is practically un- 
obtainable. The above particulars are taken from the copy in the 
P'orster Collection at the South Kensington Museum, which is the only 
copy I know of. The American edition is now scarce. 

Price. American edition, 15^-. to 20s. 


XXVn. Title. A/ Child's History of England./ by/ 
Charles Dickens./ With a frontispiece by F. \V. Topham./ 
Volume I./ England from the Ancient Times, to the death of/ 
King John./ LONDON :/ Bradbury & Evans, ii,Bouverie Street./ 

Collation. Vol. L, pp. xi-210, with full-page frontispiece. 

Title. A/ Child's History of England / by/ Charles 
Dickens./ With a frontispiece by F. W. Topham./ Volume 11./ 
England from the Reign of Henry the Third, to the/ Reign of 
Richard the Third./ London:/ Bradbury & Evans, 11, 
Bouverie Street./ 1853. 

Collation. Vol. II., pp. viii-214, with full-page frontispiece. 

Title. A/ Child's History of England./ by/ Charles 
Dickens./ WithafrontispiecebyF.W. Topham./ Volume III./ 
England from the Reign of Henry the Seventh to/ the Revolution 
of 1688./ London :/ Bradbury & Evans, 11, Bouverie Street./ 

Collation. Vol. III., pp. viii-321, with full-page frontispiece. 

Notes. Issued in dull red cloth covers, with an illustration stamped 
in gold, which should be preserved. The centre pictures in the frontis- 
pieces are different. Care shouUl be taken to see that the date of 
each volume is as above. Other editions have later dates, but are not 
otherwise distinguishable from the first issues. 

Price. £1 to .^4. 


XXVIII. Title. Bleak House./ by/ Charles Dickens./ 
With Illustrations by H. K. Browne./ London :/ Bradbury and 
Evans, ii, Bouverie Street./ 1853. 

Collation, pp. xvi-624, with forty illustrations, including the 
illustrated title-page. 

Notes. Issued in twenty numbers with green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. 

Care should be taken to see that the impressions of the plates are 
good, as some, especially the darker ones, are very poor. 

Price, ^i to ^2. 

XXIX. Title. Hard Times./ For These Times./ bv Charles 
Dickens./ London :/ Bradbury & Evans, 11, Bouverie Street./ 

Collation, pp. viii-352. 

N'ote. Issued in green cloth . 

Price. £ito£i s^. 


XXX. Title. Little Dorrit./ by/ Charles Dickens./ 
With Illustrations by H. K. Browne./ London :/ Bradbury and 
Evans, ii, Bouverie Street./ 1857. 

Collation, pp. xiv-625, with forty illustrations, including the 
illustrated title-page. 

Notes. Published in twenty numbers, with green wrappers, one of 
which should be preserved. 

The impressions of the plates vary greatly, and the collector should 
see that all the dark plates especially are in good condition. 

Price. £1 to/2. 

XXXI. Title. The Story/ of/ Little Dombey./ by/ 
Charles Dickens./ London:/ Bradbury & Evans, 11, 
Bouverie Street./ 1858. 

Collation, pp. 121. 

Notes. Revised by Dickens for his own Readings and published in a 
green cover, with a woodcut of " Little Dombey." Care should be taken 
to see that the date is 1858. 

P7ice. £1 t.0 £\ los. 



XXXII. Title. The Poor Traveller :/ Boots at the Holly- 
tree Inn:/ and/ MRS. Gamp./ by/ Charles Dickens./ Lon- 
don :/ Bradbury & Evans, i r, Bouverie Street./ 1858. 

Collation, pp. 114, 

Notes. Arranged by Dickens for his own Readings and issued in green 
wrappers. Care should be taken to see that the date is 1858. 

Price, i^s. to 20s. 

XXXIII. Title. A/ Tale of two Cities./ by/ Charles 
Dickens./ With Illustrations by H. K. Browne./ London :/ 
Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly ;/ and at the Office of All the 
Year Round,/ 11, Wellington Street North./ mdccclix. 

Collation, pp. viii, one unnumbered page " List of Plates," 
and pp. 254, with sixteen illustrations. 

Notes. Originally issued in "All the Year Round," and afterwards 
in eight numbers with green wrappers, one of which should be pre- 

The sale in numbers was very limited, and the numbers are conse- 
quently scarce. 

In many copies the letterpress and plates have "printed off." 

Price. .^4 to ^"6. 


XXXIV. Title. Great Expectations/ by/ Charles 
Dickens./ In Three Volumes./ Vol. I./ (Vol. 11.)/ (Vol. III.)/ 
London :/ Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly./ MDCCCLXI./ 
[ The right of translation is reserved.^ 

Collation. Vol. I., one unnumbered page of inscription, and 

PP- 344- 

Vol. II., pp. 351. 
Vol. III., pp. 344. 

Notes. The whole first edition of this book was absorbed by the 
libraries, and it is, consequently, one of the most difficult of all Dickens's 
books to get in clean, uncut state. Other editions were printed, bearing 
on the title-pages an announcement of second, third, or otlier edition. 
These editions have been transformed into first editions by some dis- 
honest person, who has printed title-pages as above, and has, no doubt, 
done a profitable trade with unsuspecting purchasers. The title-pages 
should be carefully inspected to see if they correspond as to paper, type, 
etc., with the remainder of the book. 

This book has never been worthily illustrated in England ; I am glad, 
therefore, to announce the issue, by Messrs. Robson and Kerslake, of 
twenty-one etchings by Mr. Pailthorpe, which, from what I have seen 
of them, are likely to be very successful. 

Price. £7 to ^10, 


XXXV. Title. lYi^l Uncommercial Traveller/ by/ 
Charles Dickens./ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 193, 
Piccadilly./ MDCCCLXl. 

Collation. Two unnumbered pages, preface and contents, and 
pp. 264. 

Note. Issued in cloth, and now very scarce. 

Price. £2. 

XXXVI. Title. Our Mutual Friend./ By/ Charles 
Dickens./ With Illustrations by Marcus Stone./ In Two 
Volumes./ Vol. I./ (Vol. 11.)/ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 
193 Piccadilly./ 1865./ {The right 0/ Translation is reserved."] 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. xi-320, with twenty illustrations. 
Vol. II., pp. vii and one unnumbered page of " Illustrations to 
Volume II.", and pp. 309, with twenty illustrations. 

Notes. Issued in twenty numbers, with green wrappers, one of which 
should be preserved. 

An explanatory note as to the title was issued on a slip of paper, and 
should be bound in. 

Price. £1. 



Anne Procter./ With an introduction by/ Charles Dickens./ 
New Edition, with Additions./ Illustrated by/ W. T. C. Dobson, 
A.R.A., Samuel Palmer, J. Tenniel, George H. Thomas,/ Lorenz 
Frohlich, W. H. Millais, G. Du Maurier, \V. P. Burton,/ 
J. D. Watson, Charles Keene, J. M. Carrick,/ M. E. Edwards, 
T. Morten./ London : Bell and Daldy, 186, Fleet Street./ 1866. 

Collation. Four unnumbered pages of Contents ; one un- 
numbered page of Illustrations ; eleven unnumbered pages of 
Introduction, and pp. 330. 

Note. The introduction only was by Dickens. 

Price. £1 los. to £2. 

XXXVIII. Title. The Mystery/ of/ Edwin Drood./ by/ 
Charles Dickens./ With twelve illustrations by S. L. Fildes,/ 
and a Portrait./ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 193 Piccadilly./ 
1870./ \the right of Translation is reserved.^ 

Collation, pp. vii, one unnumbered page of Illustrations, and 
pp. 190, with portrait, \'ignette on first title-page, and twelve 

Notes. Issued in six numbers in gi-een wrappers, one of which should 
be preserved. The issue was then stopped by the author's death. 

Price. 6s. to los. 


XXXIX. Title. Hunted Down :/ A Story./ by/ Charles 
Dickens./ With some account of/ Thomas Griffiths Waine- 
wright,/ the Poisoner./ [Woodcut^] The fatal house, No. 12, 
Conduit Street, JVJ London :/ John Camden Hotten,/ 
74 & 75, Piccadilly. 

Collation, pp. 89. 

Notes. Issued in green wrappers, which should be preserved. The 
title-page bears no date, but the book was issued in 1870. 
The story had formerly appeared in an American journal. 

Price. \^s, to 20J. 

XL. Title. Is She his Wife ?/ or,/ something singular./ 
a comic burletta/ in one act./ by Charles Dickens./ Boston :/ 
James R. Osgood and Company,/ late Ticknor dr' Fields, and 
Fields, Osgood, &^ Co. I 1877. 

Collation, pp. 80. 

Note. Said to have been privately printed in 1837, but no copy is 
known to exist. 

Price. For the American edition, 20s. 


XLI. Title. The Lamplighter/ A Farce/ By/ Charles 
Dickens/ (1838)/ now first printed from a manuscript in the/ 
Forster Collection at the South/ Kensington Museum/ London/ 

Collation, pp. 45. 

Note. 250 copies only were printed from the manuscript, in the 
Forster Collection at the South Kensington Museum. 

Price, ts. 

XLIL Title. The/ MuDFOG Papers,/ etc./ By Charles 
Dickens,/ Author of "The Pickwick Papers," etc./ Now First 
Collected./ London : Richard Bentley and Son,/ Publishers in 
Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen. 1 880./ {All rights reserved. ) 

Collation, pp. iv-198. 

Notes. The papers originally appeared in Bentley's Miscellany. It is 
surprising that they should not have been reprinted earlier. 

Price. 6s. 



XLIII. Title. The Letters/ of/ Charles Dickens./ 
Edited by/ his Sister-in-law and his Eldest Daughter./ In two 
Volumes./ Vol. I./ 1833 to 1856./ (Vol. 11./ 1857 to 1880./) 
London :/ Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly./ 1880./ \The 
Right of Translation is Reserved^ 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. ix, one unnumbered page, "Book I." 
and slip of errata, and pp. 463. 

Vol. II., one slip oi errata, and pp. 464. 

Title. The Letters/ of/ Charles Dickens./ Edited by/ 
his Sister-in-Law and his Eldest Daughter/ VoL III./ 1836 to 
1870./ London:/ Chapman and Hall, Limited,/ 11, Henrietta 
Street, Covent Garden./ 1882./ {The Right of Translation is 

Collation. One unnumbered page of preface and slip of errata, 
and pp. 308. 

No^es. Later editions bear on the title-pages the words second, third, 
or other thousand. In Mr. Shepherd's Bibliography is contained a long 
list of errata, and additional letters, which is very useful. 

Price. £1 los. to £2. 


XLIV. Title. The/ PLAYS and Poems/ of/ Charles 
Dickens/ with a few Miscellanies in Prose/ now first Collected/ 
Edited Prefaced and Annotated/ by/ Richard Heme Shepherd/ 
In Two Volumes/ Vol. I./ (Vol. 11./) London/ W. H. Allen & Co. 
13 Waterloo Place S.W./ Publishers to the India Office/ 1882/ 
{All rights reserved) 

Collation. Vol. I., pp. 406. 

Vol. II., pp. vi, one unnumbered page oi errata, and pp. 420. 

Notes, This collection contained copyright matter, and was almost 
immediately suppressed. Very few copies, especially of the large paper 
edition, got into circulation. A new edition, dated 1885, has just been 
issued, from which the copyright play of "No Thoroughfare " has been 

Price. Large paper copies, ^4 ; small paper copies, £,2, 


[A-/ew of the more mteresting Books relating to Dickens and 
his works are noted belo%vi\ 


XLV. Title. i:\i&l Battle of London Life ;/ or,/ Boz 
AND HIS Secretary./ By Morna./ With six Designs on 
Stone by George Sala./ London :/ George Peirce, 310, Strand./ 

Collation, pp. iv-io6, with five full-page illustrations, not six, 
as stated on the title-page. 

Note. This book, described by Mr. Sala in a letter to me as a " rub- 
bishing production," was written by Captain Thomas O'Keefe, and is 
chiefly interesting for the portrait of Dickens in his Study by Mr. Sala. 

Price. £2 to ^3. 

XLVL Title. Lizzie Leigh./ By Charles Dickens. 

Collation, p. 13 to p. 63 inclusive, with a portrait of the 

Notes. This story has, perhaps, as much, or rather as little, right to 
claim Dickens as its author, as has " A Curious Dance round a Curious 
Tree." (See No. XLVII. ) This story was written by Mrs. Gaskell, was 
published in "All the Year Round," was, no doubt, f^/Z/^a' by Dickens, 
and was published in "The Irving Offering" for 1851, New York, 
under his name. I know of only two copies. 

Price. £S' 


XLVn. Title. A Curious Dance/ Round a Curious 
Tree./ By/ Charles Dickens, (n.d. [i860.]) 

Collation, pp. 19. 

Notes. There is no title-page. Tlie title above is taken from the 
cover. There are two editions of this little pamphlet, which was 
written by Mr. \V. H. Wills, and originally published in "All the 
Year Round." One of the copies in the British Museum, which I 
believe to be the first edition, is in a purple wrapper. The other 
edition, which I believe to be later, is in a pink wrapper. The pattern 
on this is difterent from that on the purple wrapper ; a comma, instead 
of a full stop, comes after the word "Tree," and the last seven lines 
on p. 19 are printed in thick type. 

Price. £2 to ^3. 

XLVin. Title. The Charles Dickens Dinner./ An 
Authentic Record/ of/ The Public Banquet/ given to/ Mr. 
Charles Dickens,/ at the/ Freemasons' Hall, London,/ On 
Saturday, November 2, 1867,/ Prior to his departure for the 
United States./ With a report of the Speeches from Special 
Shorthand Notes./ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 193, Picca- 
dilly ;/ Ticknor and Field, Boston./ 1867. 

Collation, pp. 32. 

Note. This pamphlet is now becoming scarce. 

Price. \os. 


XLIX. Title. Charles Dickens./ By/ George Augustus 
Sala./ London :/ George Routledge and Sons,/ The Broadway, 

Collation, pp. x-144. 

Notes. A most interesting little memoir, reprinted, with additions, from 
" The Daily Telegraph." It was issued in yellow paper covers bearing 
a portrait of Dickens. 

Price. 5j. 

L. Title. Speeches/ Literary and Social./ By/ Charles 
Dickens./ {Woodcut Portrait.)] Now first collected./ With 
Chapters on " Charles Dickens as a Letter Writer,/ Poet, and 
Public Speaker."/ London/ John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly 

Collation, pp. 372, with a photograph of Dickens from Count 
D'Orsay's Drawing of him. 

Note. Anether edition was shortly afterwards published without the 

Price. 1 5 J. to zos. 


LL Title. Charles Dickens/ The Story of his Life/ by the/ 
Author of the " Life of Thackeray "/ {}Voodad)l Bleak House at 
Broadstairs/ with illustrations and facsimiles/ London/ John 
Camden Hotten, Piccadilly 

Collation, pp. xvi-367, and one unnumbered page of errata, 
with a Photograph of Dickens, as Captain Bobadil, and ten full- 
page illustrations. 

Notes. Another edition, without the photograph and other illustra- 
tions, was shortly afterwards published. The first edition has long been 

Price. £,\ \os. to £;2.. 

LIL Title. Pen Photographs/ of/ Charles Dickens's 
Readings./ Taken from Life/ By Kate Field,/ An American./ 
With illustrations./ London :/ Trubner & Co., 60 Paternoster 
Row./ Boston, U. S. :/ James R. Osgood and Company,/ Late 
Ticknor & Fields, and Fields, Osgood, & Co./ 1871. 

Collatioti. pp. iv, one unnumbered page of contents, and pp. 
152, with a portrait and nine full-page illustrations. 

Note. The first edition has a slip inserted referring to Messrs. Chap- 
man and Hall's consent to its publication in England. 

Price, los. 


LI 1 1. Title. The Life/ of/ Charles Dickens./ By John 
Forster./ Volume the First./ 1812-1842./ London :/ Chapman 
and Hall, 193, Piccadilly./ 1872./ \The Right of Translation 
and Reproduction is reserved."] 

The Life/ of/ Charles Dickens./ By John Forster./ 
Volume the Second./ 1842-1852./ London:/ Chapman and 
Hall, 193, Piccadilly./ 1873./ [The Right 0/ Translation a7id 
Reproduction is reserved.'] 

The Life/ of/ Charles Dickens./ By John Forster./ 
Volume the Third./ 185 2- 1870./ London :/ Chapman and Hall, 
193, Piccadilly./ 1874./ {The Right of Translation and Re- 
production is reserved^ 

Collation. Vol. L, pp. xviii, one unnumbered page of Illustra- 
tions, and pp. 398, with illustrations as in list. 
Vol. II., pp. xx-462, with illustrations as in list. 
Vol. Ill,, pp. XV-5S2, with illustrations as in list. 

Notes. The later editions have the words second, third, or other 
thousand on the title-page. The brown cloth covers should be bound in. 

Price. £2 10s. to ^3. 


LIV. Title. Dickens/ by/ Adolphus William Ward/ London :/ 
Macmillan and Co./ 1882./ The Right of Traiislation and 
Reproduction is Reserved. 

Collation, pp. vi, one unnumbered page of Contents, and 
pp. 224. 

Notes. Later issues have the words second, third, or other thousand 
on the back of the title-page. Care should be taken to see these words 
are not there. 

Price. Si', to 105-. 

LV. Title. About England/ with Dickens/ By/ Alfred 
Rimmer/ Author of/ * Rambles round Eton and Harrow,' ' Our 
Old Country Towns,' etc./ {Woodcut portrait of Dickens.)\ With 
fifty-eight illustrations/ by C. A. Vanderhoof, Alfred Rimmer, and 
Others/ London/ Chatto and Windus, Piccadilly/ 1883/ [All 
rights reserved\ 

Collatio7i. pp. ix-307. 

Note. The illustrated cloth cover should be bound in. 

Price. Js. 

LVL Title. The Youth and Middle Age/ of/ Charles 
Dickens/ By/ James Payn/ (From Chambers's Journal)/ 
50 Copies Printed/ 1883 

Collation. 20 unnumbered pages. 

Note. Fifty copies only were reprinted from " Chambers's Journal,"' 
and they are now scarce. 

Price, los. 


LVII. Title. The/ Childhood and Youth/ of/ Charles 
Dickens./ {Wooden t.)l Wiih retrospective notes, and Elu- 
cidations, fromj his Books and Letters! By/ Robert Langton, 
F.R. Hist. See./ Associate of the Manchester Academy of Fitie 
Arts. I Manchester: Published by the Author at Albert 
Chambers./ 1883. 

Collatiojt. pp. xviii-250, with numerous illustrations, of which 
there is a list. 

Notes. A most interesting book, with two portraits of Dickens among 
the illustrations. Large paper copies have been printed. 

Price. For large paper copies, £2 2s. For small paper 
copies, \2s. 6d. 

LVII I. Title. Charles Dickens/ As I knew Him/ The 
Story/ of the/ Reading Tours/ in/ Great Britain and America/ 
1 866- 1 870)/ By/ George Dolby/ London/ T Fisher Unwin/ 
26 Paternoster Square/ 1885 

Collation, pp. xiii-466. 

Notes. Issued in red cloth, with a facsimile of Dickens's signature, 
which should be kept. 

Price, ds. 


THE following list of Plays, founded on Dickens's works, is 
probably incomplete, but it includes all I have been able 
to find that were issued in England, and a few issued in 
America and elsewhere. 

1. Sam Weller,/ or, the/ Pickwickians./ A Drama,/ in 
three Acts./ as performed/ At the New Strand Theatre,/ with 
unexampled Success./ By W. T. Moncrieff, Esq./ London,/ 


2. The/ Pickwickians ;/ or,/ The Peregrinations of Sam 
Weller./ A Comic Drama,/ In Three Acts./ Arranged from 
Moncrieff's Adaptation of Charles Dickens' Works,/ by/ T. H. 

(n.d. Lacy's edition.) 

3. The Pickwick Club :/ or/ the age we live in !/ A Bur- 
letta,/ in/ Three Acts./ PyE. Stirhng, Esq./ J. Duncombe & Co. 

(n.d. [1837.] With an Etching of Pickwick in The Pound, by 

4. Bardell v. Pickwick./ ( The Trial Scene frem Pick- 
wick.)l A Farcical Sketch,/ in One Act./ by Charles Dickens./ 
Arranged for the Stage from the Author's Special Reading Copy./ 
By John Hollingshead. New York :/ R. M. De Witt. 



5. Oliver Twist./ A Serio-comic Burletta,/ In three Acts./ 
by/ George Almar, Comedian./ as Performed at/ The Royal 
Surrey Theatre. 

(n.d. With an etching, by Pierce Egan the younger. Web- 
ster's edition.) 

6. Oliver Twist;/ or,/ The Parish Boy's Progress./ A 
Drama,/ In three Acts./ Adapted from the celebrated Novel, by/ 
Mr. Charles Dickens./ Thomas Hailes Lacy. 

(N.D. With Frontispiece by Findlay. Lacy's edition.) 

7. Oliver Twist./ A Serio-Comic Burletta,/ in Four Acts,/ 
By George Almar, Comedian./ New York./ Samuel French. 


8. Bumble's Courtship./ From/ Dickens' "Oliver Twist."/ 
A Comic Interlude,/ In one Act./ by/ Frank E. Emson./ Pub- 
lished by Permission of Messrs. Chapman & Hall. 

(n.d, Lacy's edition.) 

9. Master Humphrey's Clock ;/ A Domestic Drama,/ in/ 
Two Acts./ By Frederick Fox Cooper, Esq. 

(n.d. With Frontispiece by Mr. Findlay. Duncombe's edition.) 

10. The/ Old Curiosity Shop./ A Drama,/ In two Acts./ 
by/ E. Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. With Frontispiece. Lacy's edition.) 

11. Barnaby Rudge./ a domestic Drama,/ In Three acts./ 
by/ Charles Selby/ and/ Charles Melville. 

(n.d. French's edition.) 


12. Nicholas NiCKLEBY,/ A Farce,/ In Two Acts./ Taken 
from the popular work of that name by " Boz."/ By/ Edward 

Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. Webster's edition, with an etching by Pierce Egan the 

13. The/ Fortunes of Smike,/ or a/ Sequel to Nicholas 
Nickleby./ A Drama,/ In Two Acts./ By Edward Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. Webster's edition, with an etching by Pierce Egan the 

14. Martin Chuzzlewit,/ A Drama,/ In three Acts./ By 
Charles Webb, Esq. 

(n.d. Barth, London.) 

15. Martin Chuzzlewit !/ A Drama,/ in Three Acts./ 
Adapted from C. Dickens, Esq. Celebrated Work,/ By Edward 
Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. Thomas Hailes Lacy.) 

16. Martin Chuzzlewit/ or,/ His Wills and his ways,/ 
What he did, and what he didn't./ A domestic Drama,/ in 
Three Acts,/ founded on Charles Dickens' Popular Story./ By/ 
Thomas Higgle/ and/ Thomas Hailes Lacy. 

(n.d. Lacy's edition.) 

17. Mrs. Sarah Gamp's/ Tea and Turn Out ;/ a Bozzian 
Sketch,/ In one Act./ By B, Webster, Esq. 

(n.d. With an etching by Brewer. Webster's edition.) 

18. Mrs. Harris./ A Farce/ in one Act,/ By Edward 

(n.d. Thos. Hailes Lacy. With an etching by T. H. Jones.) 


19. A/ Christmas Carol ;/ or, the/ Miser's Warning !/ 
(adapted from Charles Dickens' celebrated work.)/ by/ G. Z. 

(n.d. With frontispiece. Lacy's edition.) 

20. The Chimes/ A goblin Story, of/ some Bells that rang an 
old year out/ and/ a new year in ;/ A Drama,/ In Four Quarters,/ 
Dramatised By/ Mark Lemon,/ and Gilbert A. a' Beckett. 

(N.D. Webster's edition. With an etching by Clayton.) 

21. The/ Cricket on the Hearth ;/ or,/ A Fairy Tale of 
Home./ A Drama, in Three Acts./ Dramatized by/ Albert 
Smith Esq.,/ By the express permission of the Author,/ Charles 
Dickens, Esq. 

(n.d. New York, Samuel French.) 

22. The/ Cricket/ on the Hearth,/ A fairy tale of Home./ 
by/ Edward Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. With an etching by G. Dorrington. Webster's edition.) 

23. The/ Cricket on the Hearth/ A Fairy Tale of Home/ 
in/ Three Chirps/ Adapted from/ Mr. Charles Dickens's/ Popular 

(n.d. With frontispiece by T. H. Jones. Lacy's edition.) 

24. The Battle of Life ;/ A Drama,/ in Three Acts./ 
(founded on Mr. Dickens's celebrated work.)/ By Edward 
Stirling, Esq. 

(n.d. Frontispiece by Mr. T. Jones. Duncombe's edition.) 

25. The drama/ Founded on the new Christmas annual of/ 
Charles Dickens, Esq.,/ called/ The Battle of Life,/ dra- 
matized by/ Albert Smith, Esq./ by the Express permission 
of the Author,/ Charles Dickens Esq. 

(n.d. [1846.] Nassau Press.) 


26. La Bataille de la Vie,/ Piece en trois Actes, melee 
de chant,/ Par MAL Mdlesville et Andr^ de Goy,/ Representee, 
pour la premiere fois h. Paris, sur Ic Theatre du Vaudeville,/ le 
3 Septembre 1853. 

(n.d. Beck, Paris.) 

27. DOMBEY AND SON./ Dramatized from Dickens' Novel./ 
By John Brougham, Esq./ In Three Acts. 
(n.d. Samuel French, New York.) 

28. Little Em'ly./ ("David Copperfield.")/ A Drama,/ 
in Four Acts./ By Andrew HaUiday./ New York :/ De Witt. 


29. David Copperfield./ A Drama, in two Acts./ Adapted 
from Dickens' popular work of the same name./ By John 
Brougham, Esq. 

(N.D. New York, Samuel French.) 

30. The Tale/ of Two Cities :/ A Drama in Three Acts,/ 
And a Prologue,/ Adapted from Mr. Charles Dickens's Story,/ 
By Henry J. Rivers. 

(N.D. Davidson's Actable Drama. With a lithograph.) 

31. A Tale of two Cities./ A Drama,/ in two Acts and a 
prologue,/ Adapted from the story of that name by/ Charles 
Dickens, Esq./ by/ Tom Taylor, Esq. 

(n.d. Thomas Hailes Lacy.) 

32. The/ Dead Witness ;/ or,/ Sin and its Shadow./ A 
Drama,/ In three acts,/ Founded on "The Widow's Story" of 
the seven poor Travellers,/ by Charles Dickens./ The Drama 
written by/ Wybert Reeve. 

(n.d. Lacy's edition.) 



33. A/ Message From the Sea./ A drama, in three acts./ 
by/ Charles Dickens/ and/ Wilkie Collins./ London :/ Pub- 
lished by G. Holsworth,/ At the Office of " All the Year Round." 
Wellington Street, Strand./ 1861. 

34. No Thorough Fare./ A Drama/ In Five Acts and 
a Prologue./ By Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins. 

(N.D. [1868.] R. M. De Witt.) 

35. Identity;/ or,/ No Thoroughfare./ By Louis Lequel./ 
Dramatized from the Christmas Story of/ Charles Dickens and 
Wilkie Collins. 

(N.D. New York, Samuel French.) 

36. L'Abime/ Drama en cinq Actes, en onze Tableaux/ par/ 
Charles Dickens/ M L/ Paris/ Michel Ldvy Frferes, Libraires 
Editeurs/ Rue Vivienne, 2 bis, et Boulevard des Italiens, 15/ 
A la Librairie Nouvelle/ 1868/ Droits de reproduction, de 
traduction et de representation reserves. 




A /TORE Portraits have probably been issued of Charles 
•^*-^ Dickens than of any other Englishman, with the ex- 
ception, perhaps, of George IV. I may mention that I have, 
in my collection, more than ninety different Portraits of Dickens, 
although there are many others that I have not been able to 
obtain. I hope that the following list, though incomplete, may 
prove useful to collectors. I have arranged the Portraits ap- 
proximately in order of date, not of publication, but of the 
period at which Dickens is represented. 

1. Woodcut. Dickens as a Boy. From Langton's " Child- 
hood and Youth of Charles Dickens." 

2. Etching. From " David Copperfield," under the title of 
" My magnificent order at the public-house." By " Phiz." 

3-6. Etchings. From " Sketches by Boz," under the titles of 
" Public Dinners," " Early Coaches," " A Pickpocket in Cus- 
tody," and " Making a Night of it." By George Cruikshank. 

7. Woodcut. From " Bentley's Miscellany." By " Phiz." 

8. Engraving in Outline. By C. H. Jeens, after D. Maclise, 

9, Woodcut. By R. Herbert, after J. Stephenson. 

10, Engraving. By R. Graves, A.R.A., after D. Maclise, R.A. 

D 2 


IT. Lithograph. By Weld Taylor, after Samuel Lawrence, 
signed " Boz." 

12. Engraving. From "Nicholas Nickleby." By Finden, 
after D. Maclise, R.A. 

13. Engraving. An American version of the same. By J. 
C. Buttre. 

14. Woodcut. From " Heads to Nicholas Nickleby." 

1 5. Etching. By F. W. Pailthorpe, after George Cruikshank. 

16. Etching. By the same, after the same. 

17. Etching. By "Phiz." 

18. Woodcut. From the Prospectus of " Master Humphrey's 
Clock." By " Phiz." 

19. Lithograph. After a drawing by Count D'Orsay. 

20. Engraving. Dickens, his Wife, and her Sister. By C. 
H. Jeans, after D. Maclise, R.A. 

21. Woodcut. Dickens only, after the same. 

22. Engraving. From Fields' "Yesterdays with Authors." 
By J. A. J. Wilcox. 

23. Engraving. Dickens reading " The Chimes " in Forster's 
chambers. By C. H. Jeens, after D. Maclise, R.A. 

24. Engraving. By J. C. Armytage, after Miss M. Gillies. 

25. Woodcut. By W. J. Linton, after the same. 

26. Woodcut. An American version, after the same. 

27. Engraving. An American version, after the same. 

28. Woodcut. Dickens in an Arm-chair. 

29. Woodcut. Dickens and other Authors, carrying Adver- 
tisements of their Works, entitled, " Hints to Novelists, for 1846." 

30. Woodcut. By W. J. Linton. 

31. Engraving. By A. Halbert, after a Bust by H. Dexter. 

32. Woodcut. By Henry Linton, after a Photograph by 

33. Woodcut. From " Christmas Stories," under the title of 
" Tom Tiddler's Ground," Doubtful. 


34. Woodcut. Dickens at the Dulwich Charity Meeting. By 

35. Lithograph. By R. J. Lane, A.R.A., after a Photograph 
by C. and J. Watkins. 

36. Engraving. By J. Brown, after the same. 

yj. Engraving. By Oldham Barlow,R.A.,afterW. P. Frith, R.A. 

38. Engraving. By R. Graves, after the same. 

39. Engraving, By J. D. Pound, after a Photograph by 

40. Lithograph. By Baugniet. 

41. Lithograph. As Captain Bobadil. By T. H. Maguire, 
after Leslie, R.A. 

42. Woodcut. After the same. 

43. Woodcut. Dickens and Forster, in "Every Man in His 

44. Engraving. By J. C. Armytage, after an American 

45. Woodcut. Dickens reading " Little Dombey " in St. 
Martin's Hall. 

46. Woodcut. Dickens in " The Frozen Deep." 

47. Engraving. From Edwin Drood, By J. H. Baker, after 
a Photograph by Mason and Co. 

48. Engraving. From a private plate. Anonymous, but 
probably from the same Photograph. 

49. Engraving. From Fields' "Yesterdays with Authors." 
By J. Greatbach, after a Photograph by C. and J. Watkins. 

50. Engraving. By J. T. Stuart, after the same. 

51. Engraving. Anonymous, after the same. 

52. Etching. By Pilotell. 

53. Engraving. Anonymous. " Likeness rom an approved 

54. Engraving. ' Engraved on Steel for the " Eclectic," by 
Geo. E. Perine, New York.' 


55. Woodcut. By Procter. Dickens surrounded by his 
Characters, taking leave of John Bull. 

56. Lithograph. Published by Wood & Co., Strand. 

57. Etching. In red. Dickens writing, with Pickwick, 
Micawber, Fagin, and Oliver Twist in the four corners. 

58. Woodcut. By C. P. & G., after a Photograph by The 
London Stereoscopic Company. 

59. Woodcut. From " The Uncommercial Traveller," under 
the title of " Leaving the Morgue." 

60. Phototype. Dickens reading to his Daughters. From 
" Life." 

61. Woodcut. From " The Mask." By H. Harral. 

62. Woodcut. From " The Mask." By the same. 

63. Woodcut. From " The Illustrated London News." 

64. Woodcut. From " The Illustrated Times." After a 
Daguerrotype, by Mayall. 

65. Woodcut. From " The Tomahawk," printed in green. 

66. Woodcut. From " Fun," with characters from his works. 

67. Woodcut. From "People of the Period," printed in 

68. Woodcut. From "The Hornet," with characters from 
his works. 

69. Woodcut. Dickens in his Garden at Gadshill. 

70. Woodcut. The same subject. 

71. Engraving. By T. H. Baker. 

72. Woodcut. From " The Entr'acte." 

73. Etching. Dickens, and Characters from his Works, round 
a Calendar for 1 883. 



Cosmo de' Medici : An Historical Tragedy. And odier 
Poems. By Richard Hengist Horne, Author of "Orion." 
Fourth Edition. With Engraved Frontispiece. In crown 8vo, 5j-. 
"This tragedy is the work of a poet and not of a playwright. 
Many of the scenes abound in vigour and tragic intensity. If the 
structure of the drama challenges comparison with the masteipieces 
of the Elizabethan stage, it is at least not unworthy of the models 
which have inspired it." — Times. 

Dickensiana : A Bibliography of the Literature relating 
to Charles Dickens and his Writings. Compiled by Fked. G. 
KiTTON, Author of "Phiz," "John Leech." With Portrait, 
Crown 8vo. \^In preparation. 

The Anatomy of Tobacco : or Smoking Methodised, 

Divided, and Considered after a New Fashion. By Leolinus 
SiLURiENSis. Crown 8vo, parchment, 3^. M. 

" A very clever and amusing parody of the metaphysical treatises 
once in fashion. Every smoker will be pleased with this volume." 
— Notes and Queries. 

" We have here a most excellent piece of fooling, evidently from 
a University pen .... contains some very clever burlesques of 
classical modes of writing, and a delicious parody of scholastic 
logic." — Literary World. 

" A delightful mock essay on the exoteric philosophy of the pipe 
and the pipe bowl .... reminding one alternately of 'Melan- 
choly ' Burton and Hcrr Teufelsdroch, and implying vast reading 
and out-of-the-way culture on the part of the author. " — Bookseller. 

Tobacco Talk and Smokers' Gossip : An amusing 

miscellany of fact and anecdote relating to the "Great plant " in 
all its forms and uses, including a selection from nicotian literature. 
Demy iSmo, vanilla paper, \s. 

" One of the best books of gossip we have met for some time. 
... It is literally crammed full from beginning to end of its 148 
pages with well-selected anecdotes, poems, and excerpts from to- 
bacco literature and history." — Graphic. 

Mr. Red-way's Publications. 

Tamerlane and other Poems : By Edgar Allan Poe, 

first published at Boston in 1827, and now first republished from a 
unique copy of the original edition, with a preface by Richard 
Herne Shepherd. Fcap. 8vo, parchment, 155. 

Mr. Swinburne has generously praised " so beautiful and valuable 
a little volume, full of interest for the admirers of Foe's singular 
and exquisite genius." 

Studies of Sensation and Event : Poems by Ebenezer 
Jones, edited, prefaced, and annotated by Richard Herne 
Shepherd, with memorial notices of the author by Sumner 
Jones and William James Linton. A new edition. With 
photographic portrait of the poet. Post 8vo, cloth, 5^-. 

" This remarkable poet affords nearly the most striking instance 
of neglected genius in our modern school of poetry. His poems 
are full of vivid disorderly power." — Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 

The Bibliography of Swinburne : A Bibliographical 

list arranged in chronological order of the published writings in 
verse and prose of Algernon Charles Swinburne (1857-1884). 
Crown 8vo, wrapper, (ys. ; large paper, \os. 6d. 

"Among other entries will be found a remarkable novel, pub- 
lished in instalments and never issued in a separate form, and 
several productions in verse not generally known to be from Mr. 
Swinburne's pen." 

John Leech, Artist and Humourist : A Biographical 
sketch by Fred. G. Kitton. New edition, revised. Demy 
l8mo, vanilla paper, is. 

" In the absence of a fuller biography we cordially welcome Mr. 
Kitten's interesting little sketch." — Notes and Queries. 

An Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank : 

By William Makepeace Thackeray, reprinted verbatim from 
the " Westminster Review." Edited with a prefatory note on 
Thackeray as an Artist and Art-Critic, by W. E. Church, with 
upwards of forty illustrations, including all the original woodcuts, 
and a new portrait of Cruikshank, etched by F. W. Pailthorpe, 
Demy 8vo, wrapper, 3^-. 6d. ; large paper, "Js. 6d. 

" It was a pleasant and not untimely act to re-print this well- 
known delightful essay .... the artist could have found no 
other commentator so sympathetic and discriminating .... The 
new portrait of Cruikshank by F. W. Pailthorpe is a clear, firm 
etching. ' ' — The A rtist. 

The Scope and Charm of Antiquarian Study : By 

John Batty, F.R.H.S. Demy 8vo, vanilla paper, li-. 

" A useful and entertaining guide to a beginner in historical 
researches." — Notes and Queries. 

Mr. Redwafs Publications. 

Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne) : A Memoir, including 
a selection from his correspondence, and notes on his principal 
works. By Fred. G. Kitton. With a portrait and numerous 
illustrations. Demy 8vo, wrapper, 3^. dd. 

" Mr. Kitton is already known as an artist, many of his 
drawings having appeared in this journal for some years past, 
together with occasional articles. The monograph is extremely 
interesting .... Mr. Kitton has done his task in a sincere and 
simple fashion .... Some of the letters were written to Charles 
Dickens, and are now published for the first time." — Graphic. 

Confessions of an English Hachish Eater. Demy 

iSmo, vanilla paper, \s. 

" There is a sort of bizarre attraction in this fantastic little book, 
with its weird, unhealthy imaginations." — Whitehall Revird). 

" A weird little book .... The author seems to have been 
delighted with his dreams, and .... carefully explains how 
hachish may be made from the resin of the common hemp plant." 
— Daily Chronicle. 

"The stories told by our author have a decidedly Oriental 
flavour, and we would not be surprised if some foolish individuals 
did endeavour to procure some of the drug, with a view to ex- 
perience the sensation described by the writer of this clever 
brocJmre." — Edinburgh Co2irant. 

The Valley of Sorek : By Gertrude M. George. 
With a critical introduction by Richard Herne Shepherd. 
Crown 8vo, 2 vols., cloth, £\ \s. 

"There is in the book a high and pure moral and a distmct 
conception of character .... The dramatis personcs .... are 
in reality strongly individual, and surprise one with their incon- 
sistencies just as real human beings do ... . There is something 
powerful in the way in which the reader is made to feel both the 
reality and the untrustworthiness of his [the hero's] religious fervour, 
and the character of the atheist, Graham, is not less strongly and 
definitely conceived .... It is a work that shows imaghiation 
and moral insight, and we shall look with much anticipation for 
another from the same hand." — Contemporary Rrdinv. 

Hints to Collectors of Original Editions of the 
Works of W. M. Thackeray : By Charles 

Plumptre Johnson. Crown 8vo, parchment, ds. 

Mr. Redzvays complete Catalogue of Publications, 
including Books on Archccology and Occultism, 
will be sent post free on application. 

* * 

London : George Redway, York Street, Covent Garden. 




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